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加拿大嚮茶的所有分店現正需要喜歡嚮茶的你加入我們的團隊,歡迎有興趣體驗全新的工作環境,或有需要工作機會的你聯繫我們,我們的團隊相處融洽,你還可以去不同分店上班,認識更多的朋友,我們還會提供在職訓練,表現優良的團員我們會有定期的加薪。請把下面的申請表格填好, 再把你的履歷電郵到。謝謝

Shiny Tea Job Application Form
Which location you prefer to work at?
Will your availability change within the next 3 months?

Thank you for your interest to join our team at Shiny Tea.

Due to high volume of candidates, if you don't hear from us within 2 weeks, please accept our apologies for not able to invite you to our team. 

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